Victoria and Albert’s Earns a Michelin Star!

Are you that person who enjoys getting dressed up to dine at elegant and sophisticated places with live harp music? Do you like white linen tablecloths and napkins and like your chair and napkin to be reset each time you leave the table? Would you like visiting a restaurant that is fashioned after Queen Victoria and Prince Albert where it takes an average of 26 utensils to enjoy the meal? That’s exactly what Victoria and Albert’s is at the Grand Floridian.

If Norwegian King Crab, Koji-Aged Quail, Rohan Duck or Gingerbread Madeline strikes your fancy, head on over in your suit and bow tie and semi-formal dresses and plan to use your manners!

Paired with an incredible wine list, these dishes are extraordinary and so is the 4-hour, 7-course experience. So extraordinary, in fact, that on April 18th at the Michelin Guide Ceremony, it was awarded the Michelin Star for its exceptional quality and culinary excellence.

These stars are highly prestigious and coveted within the culinary world. Restaurants can receive one, two, or three stars, with each star representing a higher level of excellence. The criteria for earning a Michelin star include the quality of ingredients, mastery of cooking techniques, consistency, creativity, and overall dining experience. A one-star restaurant is considered very good, two stars are excellent, and three stars are exceptional, with only a select few achieving this highest honor.

Not only was the restaurant awarded, but so was the restaurant’s Maitre d’Hotel, Israel Perez. He was presented with the 2024 Florida Service Award. This is the first time a Disney restaurant has been awarded this high honor, although Capa Steakhouse at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando- located on property- also has a Michelin Star.  (Fun fact)

So if you are in the mood for 4 dessert courses and have some extra time and cash on your hands, take your bestie to Victoria and Albert’s. You will not be disappointed.

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