NEW Disney Gaming Updates

Disney Dreamlight Valley
  • Update coming May 1st
  • Introducing Daisy Duck
  • “A Day at Disney” park themed star path – including Disney attractions
  • New shop – Daisy’s Boutique
  • Send mail and gifts to villagers
DDV Expansion Pack: A Rift In Time
  • introduces Oswald
  • new time bending parts and furniture
  • new monochromatic companions
  • new Scramblecoin figurines
  • dismantle and upcycle time bending parts
Fortnite x Star Wars
  • new Star Wars skins in shop – Rebel Leia, Chewbacca, Death Trooper
  • Wookie Bowcaster – mythic in game weapon
  • Light sabers being unvaulted for in game play
  • (rumored) Lando Calrissian coming to Fortnite festival with cantina music

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