NEW Three Caballeros Plush!

The Three Cabilleros Sail into WDW in the Form of an Adorable New Plush

Everyone has their favorite attractions at Epcot, which typically tend to include Guardians of the Galaxy or Test Track, but Gran Fiesta Tour is often overlooked. This leisurely boat ride takes us through Mexico in search of Donald Duck with his pals Jose Carioca and Panchito Pistoles. It also combines animation with scenes from the original film in a beautiful fiesta setting, celebrating all things Mexico.
In addition to the colorful new Mickey ears for this attraction, T shirts, mugs, dolls, and hand painted wooden sculptures we now have a new piece of merch to grab up. In fact it is so cute that it was sold out the day we tried to nab one!
This plush features individual stuffed animals of Donald, Penchito and Jose, sporting matching sombreros, sitting in one of the attractions ride vehicles and it is too stinking cute. According to the cast member, they will be restocked soon. For $39.99 it can be yours!

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