DisneylandForward Earns Stamp of Approval

Walt Disney said it best, “Progress is impossible without change.”  On May 7, the Anaheim City Council unanimously voted to approve the final components of DisneylandForward. Holy cow this is gonna be HUGE.

DisneylandForward is an amazing project fully funded by Disney, that is expected to create over 4,000 jobs during operations and over 8,000 construction jobs during development, along with potentially generating up to $30 million in new annual revenues for the city. This project will have a positive impact for generations, boosting local businesses and enhancing benefits for residents. 

In a nutshell….here are the main community benefits of DisneylandForward:

  • Invest a minimum of $1.9 billion in new theme park and lodging experiences in the first 10 years.
  • Contribute 30 million to Fund Affordable Housing Projects in Anaheim within the First Five Years.
  • Provide $8 million to park improvements in Anaheim outside the Anaheim Resort Area.
  • Contribute $85 million to improve traffic flow, pedestrian circulation and safety. (Which would include payment for the assessed value of selected street abandonments and removal of future planned roadways and a portion of the sum going to the general fund.)
  • Continue Disney’s successful jobs, mentorship and career development program for Anaheim residents


Keep a watch on this! It’s gonna be uh…maz….ing!

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