EPCOT’s ‘Luminous the Symphony of Us’ Soundtrack Now Available for Streaming

As of April 29th, Disney has made the soundtrack for this new-ish show available on streaming services. There are a total of 13 tracks that run for 23 minutes. Here is a rundown of the tracklist from the soundtrack:

Welcome” by Pinar Toprak

“Heartbeat Symphony” by Sheléa

“Parental Love” by Stef Fink, Katherine Ho, Rebecca Grae

“Luminous Family” by Pinar Toprak

“Family” by STEVE CARRILLO, Aaron Piedra, LOUIE RANJEL 

“Friendship” by Luminous: The Symphony of Us – Cast –

“Luminous Romance” by Katharine McPhee 

“Romance” by Marsh Hall

“Loss” by Cayson Renshaw, Ashley Rosa

“Into the Light” by Katharine McPhee

“Beating of Our Hearts” by Sheléa, Katharine McPhee 

“Beating of Our Hearts (Acoustic Version)” by David DQ Quinones

“One Heartbeat” by Michelle Zarlenga 

Now you can tune in from anywhere to enjoy this show designed to bring us all together. New music, along with evocative selections from the Disney songbook, come together to remind us that we are more alike than we are different.

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