Smellephants Added to Storybook Circus

Magic Kingdom Park is about to get even more smelly as the installation of “Smellephants on Parade” has been completed at Storybook Circus.

Go on a new, interactive search-and-sniff experience the next time you are in Magic Kingdom. If you thought the smell of vanilla or candy wafting down Main Street (and yes, those smells are pumped into the air from special vents located under some of the windows on Main) was heavenly, head on over to sniff some of the best-smelling elephants you have ever smelt. (Is that even a word, Mr. Webster?)

Anyhoo, at the ticket booth in front of Big Top Souvenirs, a cast member will provide you with an illustrated map and a sticker sheet to guide you in your task- to find all eight Smellephant statues scattered around Storybook Circus, using the stickers and map to track your progress.

We know there is a popcorn smellephant and a cotton candy one. What other smells can you find? Let us know if you visit these smelly creatures but please don’t scratch them!

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