What’s a Team Lift?

What is a TikTok LIVE creator team?

Every LIVE creator has a “team”. You can join our team by clicking the peach-colored heart in the top left corner of Royce’s live. It only costs one TikTok coin to join! By joining the team, you will receive a team member badge next to your name in chat, gain access to exclusive team gifts, and special notifications will pop up on the screen when you join the live.

How can I contribute once I join the team? 

Live creators are ranked by the amount of team points they receive per stream. If team members complete their daily missions, it gives us points and boosts us up the popular ranks! Daily missions are: send your daily heart me (45 team points), send gifts (1 team point per coin you spend), and/or add a comment in the live chat (30 team points).

We like to do what we call a “team lift” a few times throughout the stream to help boost the live in the TikTok LIVE Popular Ranks. We’ll count it down and team members can begin sending their daily “heart me” or other gifts of their choosing; liking the live, sharing the live, and commenting in chat all help as well.

Team gifts can be found by clicking the pink gift box in the bottom right corner of the live, and then by clicking “exclusive” at the bottom of the gifts section:

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