My Trip to Jamaica

One of the things that I find so inspiring about being in Disney World every day is the way that the parks choose to celebrate cultures from around the world.

So when I felt like I needed a short trip to clear my mind and experience something different, I opted to go somewhere that I’ve always wanted to visit and that was Jamaica.

The trip was reasonably priced and, for about three days, I was able to experience things that I would’ve never even known existed, if not for the help of my personal tour guide.

The trip went quick but it was filled with all sorts of experiences – from the mystical firewater, to the rainforests, the river Rapids, and the bioluminescent water.

I will definitely be going back again. It was a great way of taking some time to recharge, relax, and be re-inspired by different cultures, food, and views.

Check out my trip highlights below…

@disneyparksdiy Just in case Ellis asks for a recap #jamaica @Taylor Jamaica Tours ♬ Lo-fi hip hop - NAO-K
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